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I’m Robert Seger, a photographer based in Turku, Finland

In 1988 I took my first theatre picture. Since then I’ve taken photos of over 240 theatre productions in Finland, from Oulu up north to Helsinki and Turku down south.

From 1989 onwards I’ve also worked as a freelance press photographer for mainly Finnish and Nordic newspapers and magazines. Among my more memorable first jobs was capturing Hekla’s volcanic eruption in Iceland. Ironically, at the edge of the crater spewing hot lava all my fingers were frostbitten. Still, I got the pictures I wanted.

Today, my main professional interests are press, food, travel, and theatre photography. I especially enjoy shifting between working at home and abroad. Recently I’ve been working on a travel cookbook from Lebanon and experienced the remarkable food scene in Tokyo.

I speak fluent Finnish, Swedish and English.

When I’m home, you’ll find me at my studio at Aakenkatu 1, 20200 Turku, Finland. Or call me at +358 50 553 6463

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